Information Technology Support


Information technology has radically transformed the healthcare sector. The knowledge and information societies have becomes more pertinent to everyday life and a digital side can be applied to everything and anything.

Through Prodrug Multimedia we provide a range of technologies and channeled ideas that facilitate a rapid, comfortable and efficient access to information for the healthcare professional along with providing an interaction to a universe of applications and services in the web.


An integrated life cycle properly tuned to the technology


The development team in coordination with the Project management identifies the functionality, workflow and makeup of the multimedia content that will provide the form to the proposal of the user.

Content creation:

  • Web content
  • Production of audio-visual content (audio/podcast, video, infographics, 3D)
  • Document creation
  • Optimal design of user interface and interactive response
  • Development of the functionality, work flow and logic
  • Appropriate selection of the presentation: Portal, Microsite, Interactive Application, App Mobile tool, Simulator, etc.

Deployment and access: adaptation to the relevant platform, browser and/or device.

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Distribution of media on USB, CD or DVD

Consultancy and multi-platform management that aim to surpass the set objectives

  • Community management
  • Social Networking
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online marketing
  • Email marketing

Content Management ›

Content occupies a prime position in the Drug Farma Group. As the publishing of content is one of our core competencies, integrated content management tools facilitate the end user with direct access to creative processes.

  • Structured Content
  • Taxonomy and Folksonomy
  • Workflow
  • Integration with applications

Event Management ›

Our bespoke IT tools are intensively utilised by our partners and our subsidiary, as training programs for the management of large numbers of delegates at presential seminars.

Our own consolidated platforms

Through its extensive experience, Prodrug Multimedia has established a wide range of platforms and dedicated infrastructures.

Our customers greatly benefit from these assets that can be readily and instantly integrated into a broad range of applications and work-areas.


E-learning ›

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is one of the most demanded fundamentals of the healthcare professional. We have developed a cutting-edge virtual environment for the provision of continuous updating of knowledge, assesment and the distribution of customised diplomas. Our bespoke Learning Management System(LMS) contains multiple programmes that to date have efficiently enabled us to distribute numerous CME points.


Platforms for surveys and studies ›

Studies and surveys aimed at certain professional sectors are an absolute necessity for the pharmaceutical industry. Creating projects that include data collection for the study of various diseases is a core competence of Prodrug Multimedia.

  • Accessibility from different centers and media
  • Availability of immediate data
  • Automatic statistical analysis
  • Quality of obtained information